Zoom Q&A Feature

How do I open the Q&A feature?

In your toolbar, there should be three buttons, Q&A, Raise Hand, and Chat. To access the Q&A feature please click on the Q&A button on the toolbar at the bottom of your Zoom Webinar window. 

How do I enter my question? 

You may type your question into the Q&A box on your screen. You will have to hit Enter or click “Sent” to have your question saved in the Webinar. These questions can be seen by everyone who is participating in this call. 

Why has my question not been answered? 

Similar to an in-person conference the Bishop has the discretion to choose who they would like to recognize. This does not mean that you’ve said something wrong or disrespectful. Answering questions has always been at the discretion of your Bishop. 

Why has my question been greyed out? 

If your question has been greyed out it means that it has been answered live or dismissed by the Bishop. 

Why can I only see the questions that I have asked? 

There are two tabs in the Q&A feature, one says “All Questions” and the other says My Questions. If you want to be able to see all questions asked please ensure that you have selected “All Questions”.