Virtual Events

GNTV is well-equipped to support your ministry with virtual events. Our team has been doing these since 2014 on a regular basis for training, information sharing, and team development for local churches.

Here is what we typically provide:

  • Video Production and Capture System
  • Audio Recording and Capture System
  • Graphics Playback and Support for the making, formatting, and playback of slides
  • Lighting Support to make sure everyone is visible and looks sharp on camera
  • Web Streaming Hosting, Encoding, and Archiving

Additionally, we have these options available:

  • Backdrop and Stage Decor including drape, truss, decorative lighting, and even an LED wall for a backdrop
  • Remote Site Access with Staffed Hosting to allow participants or remote sites to ask questions and be involved in the business of the conference
  • Remote Sites with pre-event planning and testing for groups gathering in churches
  • Remote Voting for online voting with a voter ID for ballot validation

Our many skills make us qualified to meet your needs. With virtual events, which are the wave of the future, we are well-equipped to make you successful. Contact us today at to see how we can help support your event.