Our duplication equipment will allow you to share your message to any number of people, small or large. If it’s five copies or fifty thousand copies, we can handle your needs. We can also handle the distribution of your duplicated master to your people, anywhere in the world. Our equipment can produce the quantity of discs you need with the quality you expect in the quickest time possible. We can produce your audio or video production onto audio cassette, CD, VHS tape, or DVD.

Telex Spinwise CD/DVD Duplicators. These duplicators can quickly produce multiple copies of CD and DVD masters, and the picture and/or sound will be just as good as the original master copy.

We also enjoy the use of a Primera Signature CD/DVD Printer, which in conjunction with our specialized labeling software, allow us to create a label designed just for you and your event.

To learn more about our duplicating services or to receive a free quote on a duplication project, fill out a Quote Request Form.