LED Wall

Looking for a greater visual experience for your event? Ask us about LED wall displays today!

LED walls are one of the newest display technologies on the market. They allow for a modular design to fit any size and space. From traditional rectangular displays, to banners for logos, to customizable options for eye catching set designs, LED walls are a flexible technology that can make your visuals pop.

Seeing high quality video displayed on one or more walls gives a professional and immersive feel to any venue. We can support rectangular screen surface areas from 16 sq. ft. all the way up to 400 sq. ft., dwarfing the size of most projector-based displays and providing much better brightness and contrast for rooms with high ambient light and even outdoors.

Our LED wall displays can be ground based or flown, giving us the flexibility to supply a display regardless of the room or venue you are meeting in. Our staff includes several trained technicians who can ensure optimal assembly and configuration.

See it in action below!