GNTV Summer Internship

Here at GNTV, we understand how important summer internships are for college students. They can help you grow, become a better professional, and shape your future career.

Each summer, GNTV strives to work with your previous experiences in media and equip you with new skills in the field, as well as providing opportunities to put those skills into practice with both professionals and fellow interns.

Summer interns with GNTV Media Ministry can gain experience working in four main areas: audio, video, lighting, and graphics. Interns set up and operate cameras, audio systems, and lighting equipment, as well as other tasks.

During the summer internship, you will get the opportunity to travel to many places in the United States to run a variety of events. Remaining days are spent in the Macon office working on unpacking, repacking, repairing equipment, and learning new skills. Typical work days are long but full of learning opportunities. The internship provides invaluable experience in the audio/visual field.

This is a paid position, with pay based on your experience, the number of years you have worked with our team, and the number of days you are on the road. This generally averages about 50-60 days for the summer. All travel is paid for by GNTV, as well as three meals a day for days that are on the road.

The internship is designed to support and coincide with a college educational experience. Course credit is available though your educational institution if available. Internship applicants must be at least 18 years old.

2020 Internship Application Deadline to receive items is March 1, 2020. We will confirm receipt.

Audio Production

Interns may:

  • Set microphones
  • Set or hang speakers
  • Mix practices or monitor feeds
  • Assist the Audio Engineer as asked

Video Production

Interns may:

  • Setup projectors & screens
  • Operate cameras
  • Create and control graphics
  • Serve as Technical Director
  • Assist the Video Director as needed

Stage Lighting

Interns may:

  • Hang or place fixtures
  • Aim fixtures for specific scenes
  • Program intelligent fixtures
  • Operate lighting board
  • Assist the Lighting Designer

All Interns will get experience:

  • Setting up and breaking down events
  • Loading and unloading the trucks
  • Operating the systems during an event
  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Organization
  • Teamwork

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