GNTV History

studiothumbGood News TV (GNTV) is a video ministry that provides conference production services, produces videos, and supports ministry with technology. GNTV is related to the United Methodist Church. Throughout the last 40 years, we have helped the church effectively use emerging presentation technology.

Our event services have grown steadily over the last twenty years to offer full-service media support. GNTV owns the latest equipment for sound reinforcement, video imaging, video production, lighting, intelligent lighting, and support equipment. Our goal is to deliver quality media production and media donoldthumbservices at the lowest cost. Our equipment inventory can handle events ranging from fifty to ten thousand people in facilities ranging from conference rooms to large arenas, with production quality on par with most national rental companies. What makes GNTV unique is that we are a ministry working only with church organizations.

logo2thumbSpecializing in meeting the media needs of church and non-profit groups such as United Methodists, Presbyterians, Disciples of Christ, the World Methodist Council, and ecumenical groups, we bring a unique set of skills to the task. Because of our broad background in meeting support, we are able to provide advice on the coordination with facilities and technical needs. Our sensitivity to the unique nature of the church environment helps to assure that the technical aspects at each conference stay in the background as support to the event and not as a distraction.

logo1thumbIn total, GNTV has provided production services to more than 350 national and international events. Having worked on every continent, our staff is committed to this unique ministry. GNTV’s staff includes individuals from varying ethnic, gender, and generational prospectives, is professionally trained, both college and post-graduate, and highly experienced.